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The Kitchen Sink and Other Oddities


A Short Crash-Course on Python

Here are the jupyter notebooks for a short series of python lectures I gave to a bunch of undergrads back in 2015.

If you’d like to play with these lectures, first install jupyter then dowload these jupyter notebooks and run them through.

A Short Crash-Course on Clojure

Clojure is a language within the lisp family of languages. Here are some Gorilla-REPL notebooks I prepared for a series of lectures on clojure for a group of computer engineering undergrads.

Gorilla-REPL allows one to use notebook interface to present clojure code together with narrative. I like it because it is easier to install compared to jupyter. But unfortunately, it works only for clojure as opposed to jupyter which has plugins for a wide range of languages

A Short Course on Data Science

I prepared a series of short lectures on best practices in data science and basic algorithms for a conference but I couldn’t make it at the time. Friends from miletos did the presentations for me. The lecture notes are below:

I used org-mode with babel on emacs to prepare the notes. As much as I like jupyter and gorilla-repl for teaching purposes, my regular work flow uses emacs heavily.